i am grace. i love Jesus and His people and His creation. i have dirty blonde hair. i’m working on living as simply and naturally as possible. i am confident in who i am in Christ,  how and for what purposes He made me. i sing but i don’t read music. i listen without giving advice, i give advice when it’s needed. i take photos. a lot of them. i make my own deodorant, shampoo and toothpaste.

i love and i get my heart broken and i love more. i want to read and write a lot more than i do.  i drive a german car and i don’t think i’ll ever buy anything other than volkswagen. i’m good at learning languages, but i’m bad at keeping them in practice. i obsess over things easily and collect too many things that are unimportant to living.

i like living in the city and i like exploring without fear. i like meeting strangers on the streets, but i hate making small talk at parties. i would rather start up a conversation with a homeless man on the corner than have to come up with something interesting to say at an event or gathering. i am single and content, but i’m praying for a family.  i am an artist-extraordinaire. i like working on projects and coming up with new design, ideas and dreams. i paint and i draw and i decorate and i cook and i design and i create art and i write.
i genuinely like hanging out with teenagers and loving them when it’s messy. and hard. and the last thing i want to do. but i do it because it’s important. and i really like doing important things. i like sending postcards. a lot of them. to my friends and to strangers. i am more at ease one-on-one and tend to be very awkward in front of a large crowd. or anywhere, really, and we also love to play video games together.

i have friends all over the usa and some outside of it. i travel as often as i can and i want to visit all 7 continents. i love adventure and i also like being lazy. i want to love like a verb but i have a habit of running away. i like to stay busy and i don’t like having nothing to do when i want something to do. i want every child to have a family, no matter what it looks like. i want my life to be lived for others, not myself.

i am 5’7” and both my younger siblings are taller than me. i love sushi, brussels sprouts and peanut butter but not together. i cry and i laugh. a lot. i like to smell good and make other people happy. i like to hear other peoples’ stories and i like to tell their stories  through a camera lens.
i live to love God and love people. it may look crazy, but i do it by flying around the world. by painting. by writing. by taking photos. by singing. by cooking. by playing scrabble with kindergartners. by having coffee and tea dates. by sharing life. by hoping. by laughing. by making connections. by playing games.  by dancing. by listening. by being a real-life Mary Poppins.
if i never get paid to do any of those things, it will be ok. it won’t stop me from doing them.
i didn’t know what i was going to be when i was younger. i still don’t know when i’m going to become the exact person God has intended for me to be. but i do know who i am now.

i am grace. and i am His.

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