come rain or come shine

i don’t believe in true love. but i do believe in love.

this is not scientific. i don’t have any degrees in medicine or biology or anything that tells you how a brain actually functions. but i do know all of this to be true:

a year ago today, my brain caught up with my heart. ok, that sounds slightly ridiculous, because in truth the heart is a muscle, and it doesn’t have feelings, other than feeling blood pump through it. and technically, what i mean is the logical part of my brain caught up with the emotional part of my brain, but that sounds much less magical. regardless. a year ago, two parts of my brain started working simultaneously.  a few months later,  a third part of my brain had the chance to catch up.

and a few months after that the last part of my brain began to grow and stretch and learn in way it hadn’t before. it gave me the chance to live symbiotically within myself. for the logical to meet the emotional, and for those to meet with the most important part of my brain, where the Holy Spirit gently speaks to me. it was in this fluid relationship that God revealed so much truth about my life, His plans for me, His idea of what my marriage should look like, and His truth about what loving another person was supposed to look like.

i believe in loving people. i believe in marriage. i believe God has given us marriage as the second most important relationship to experience. and i believe that God just asks us to make a choice that will please Him. but i also believe that one of those choices is the choice not to marry at all. the bottom line is whether or not your choice pleases Him.

i don’t believe in true love. but i do believe in love. and i believe without question that love is not a feeling in one of those parts of my brain, but a conscious decision that i make every day, every minute, every second. i believe He has equipped me to love someone in that way. and the only requirement is for that person to make that conscious decision for me every day, every minute, every second. it’s just a choice.

my favorite lady, billie, sings it like this:

‘you’re going to love me like nobody’s loved me

come rain or come shine

happy together, unhappy together, and won’t it be fine?

days may be cloudy or sunny. we’re in or we’re out of the money

but i’m with you always, i’m with you, rain or shine’


a year ago God started me on a trajectory to really find what He wanted me to understand all along.


i don’t believe in true love. but i do believe in love.



(harold arlen, johnny mercer- come rain or come shine)

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