i can do the robocop

wednesdays are good for new music. :o)

i have no shame when it comes to music. there are a few things i will admit to freely.

a#1 i am a music snob. it’s just the truth.

b#2 but i also don’t mind admitting that i was a little more than obsessed with nsync back in high school. it’s fine.

finding new music is one of my favorite things to do. here’s where the ‘no shame’ comes into play. a lot of obscure music i listen to is because of dawson’s creek. yes, you read that correctly. the tv show i watched in high school/college used to play the absolute best music that you’ve never heard of.

the reason i listen to the weepies is because back in 2000, on an episode of dawson’s creek i heard this:
rilo kiley? same place & time:

it really started with dawson’s creek. but it gets interesting after that. i watched that show all 6 years it was on. and they played great music. and i started listening to really good artists that way. it showed me better than anything else at the time how to find music that top 40 radio wasn’t playing. coupled with finally getting direct tv and watching hours of music on mtv2, a little network called the wb turned my ‘new music world’ upside down. whereas ‘freaks and geeks’ played all the songs my parents had taught me, dawson’s creek let me find my own way past britney spears and destiny’s child.

of course, then college in baltimore happened and i threw myself into finding new music through the glorious creation of a LAN line in my dorm room. (funny how old that sounds right now…)

*no shame alert* my roomie kelly is a drug dealer. her drug of choice? thousands of hours of television shows on dvd. and you get sucked into whatever pill she’s popping so fast without knowing what hit you. so. when she brought home a ridiculously cheesy high school drama called ‘one tree hill,’ i told her she was crazy. but she watched it in our living room. and as i walked through, i heard lots of music that i listened to on a regular basis. jimmy eat world, citizen cope, band of horses, nada surf, the cure, etc.

weird. but not that weird. because the show lived on the same network that brought me many hours of listening enjoyment. i mean, they play the black keys, bon iver, bloc party, calexico, city & colour… needless to say. the show got me. ugh.

this is all a long way of saying that i am very thankful for cheesy television shows that allowed me to hear independent artists and make me seek them out. because of watching ‘one tree hill’ i learned about this:  and i think they’re just fantastic. so, score one more for the wb cheese, because i now have an album i love to play every morning.

here’s a few gems for you to enjoy as well.

here’s a few artists that i love because i heard their music on ‘one tree hill:’ judge if you will. i’m not embarrassed.

there are lots of tv shows on right now that are using music to help tell their story. i think that’s awesome. grey’s anatomy does a great job at that. they’ve used some of my favs: derek webb, caedmon’s call, joy williams, freelance whales, switchfoot, and lots more. a great song can seriously take those moments and explode them in your face.

new dream job: music supervisor for a tv show. how awesome would that be? a job strictly for finding the best songs to play during key moments in a scene. so cool. adding it to my ‘jack white list.’

anyhow. i just wanted to admit to some things i normally wouldn’t. share a little music with you. own up to how i found certain artists. and tell you that you shouldn’t be embarrassed by what you listen to. unless, of course, your favorite band is o-town. yikes.



(rilo kiley- the frug)

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