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what better way to kick off my new blog than a post about what i’ve learned today?

today i learned some really important things. and i’d love to share them with you


1. i learned for the first time what it feels like to be covered in prayer. i mean, i can literally feel the prayers people are praying for me. His peace is abounding.

2. i have a community and i never saw it coming. it doesn’t look like i expected it to look. my community spans the continent and age. and i love them so, so much.

3. i have the privilege of seeing the influence i’m blessed to offer girls. i don’t deserve the peeks into God’s plan for them, especially when He is using me. But He is allowing me tiny sneak previews. how wonderful that is.

4. i trust with my whole heart the gift He gave me of intuition. for the first time i trust that it’s Him speaking to me. such a comfort.

5. and lastly. i have learned to trust in the person i am in HIM. to be unashamed of the worth i have in HIM. to rest in HIS peace. i have learned the kind of strength and dignity He has for me. and i can’t explain the feeling. but i can’t wait for you to have it, too.


in my heart of hearts, i can say that the journey has been refining. i can look back on this year and know and believe that it was for my good. i now know and believe that the Lord spoke through melissa the day she called me mary poppins. it’s without a doubt.


the process is so very priceless.




(bon iver- beth/rest)


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