Leslie & Jonathan

Leslie & Jonathan

March 2012. Pensacola, FL

I was super excited when Leslie called me to ask about photographing her wedding. Leslie and I haven’t known each other for a long time, and we rarely get to see each other, but I love her dearly and I was so humbled when she asked me to do her wedding. And what a wonderful weekend it was! Leslie and Jonathan have one of those love stories that all girls dream of. They were best friends. One day, Jonathan told Leslie he loved her. Best friends finally in love. Their friends would tell you that they knew it all along, and that everyone was waiting on Leslie & Jonathan to figure it out. They did. And then they were engaged. And then we all went to Pensacola to witness best friends commit their lives to God and each other.

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, performed by one of the couples very good friends and was saturated with Christ. We worshiped together and watched as Leslie and Jonathan submitted their lives to Jesus as a couple. Breathtaking. AND… tons of fun! If you know Leslie & Jonathan, you know that they are crazy, love to laugh, and love to be around the most fun people. The reception proved that. It was a baseball themed wedding, with the bride and groom supporting the St. Louis Cardinals and the Atlanta Braves, respectively. Lots of red, navy, white and a little rivalry to go around.

Take a look at some of my favorite shots from their simple, love-filled, fun wedding weekend!

Sassy Leslie as she readies for the ceremony.


Beautiful bride and her sister.


A Cardinals/Braves theme wedding.

These ladies are so much fun.



Leslie cracking jokes and entertaining her bridal party.


The men of the wedding.

Leslie & Jonathan chose to do a “first look” before the ceremony. It was so sweet.




Exchanging vows.


Wedding worship led by Jonathan’s brother, Jarod.

Such an amazing time of lifting up praise to our Savior during the ceremony. So blessed to see this couple give honor to the One who is joining them in marriage.

Baseball reception!


A sweet first dance for the newlyweds.


I love this photo of Leslie and her dad! So much fun that night.

Thanks to Leslie & Jonathan for allowing me to be a part of their most special day!


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  1. Grace. Each time I look at your photos, I’m taken back to that day. That lovely, wonderful day. I’m so thankful that you were willing to be a part of it. You’re great and I’m blessed to call you friend. Love!

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