now i think she’s ready to go

epic shlishy roadtrip in photos
recap # 7get ready for the end…
because it’s here.enjoy the last leg. :o)

driving into san francisco. grace at the wheel. em on the camera.

golden dollar. suck it trebek, oregon gas station man.

we get to the toll booth before the bridge.

em takes some rad shots driving over the bridge. good stuff.

we get into san fran. drop the car off at the airport parking.
release stink bugs.
they tell us to get our own car when we come back.
rudesies. also. wimps.

take the bart into the city to meet denis, uncle dave & aunt pat.
see a wicked awesome cross dresser as soon as we get off the bart.
welcome to san francisco.
i’m in love.

find the irish pub in the alley.
drink some guinness with the fam. have an excellent time.
say goodbye to uncle dave & aunt pat.
head through chinatown to denis’ apartment.
have wine on the roof.
get locked out of the apt.
denise climbs down the creepy ladder.
saves the day.
we laugh about rude house guests.
good stuff.

pod #15

wake up. em takes a sweet shot out the window of the apt.
did i mention san francisco is freakin’ awesome?

start walking through chinatown.
find coffee. expensive.
find map. expensive.
and mostly useless.
start our day of walking.
goal: to walk to the golden gate bridge. walk over the bridge. walk back to the haight.
yes. seriously.get to fisherman’s wharf.
see alcatraz.

sister shot at the wharf.
see the sea lions at the pier. they are funny. and fight a lot.
this guy is clearly the king.
gull on the wharf.
grandma grizzly.
she’s so snuggly.
get a frozen banana. this is for you, mcgown.
see what rosie did?
sad day, no more tower records.
get to lombard. look up lombard. we want to walk up lombard.
before we walk:
stop for a break near some hydrangea.

we make it to the top. sweet!

we see a streetcar.
i think about the movie the princess diaries.
no joke.
also we see ninja turtles.

we then walk a lot more.
we walk a lot. we think the bridge is a lot closer.
*objects may appear closer than they are*

emily takes a break to pass out.

we’re so close. but we’re also insane at this point.
really, this is quite normal.

sister shots on the bridge. :o)
yes. i realize this is the money shot. i know it’s good. :o)
take a cab to the haight. to go here:
the no. 1 music store in the country.
we get into quite a lot of trouble here.
and by trouble i mean, we find a lot of music we needed.
needed= loosely defined.

eat pizza at escape from new york.
walk down haight st.

find the grateful dead house on ashbury. our parents painted this a few years ago.
not really. but they could have. :o)

find bob. he has a good word for us:

meet denis & james for dinner and drinks.
talk a lot about architecture. glass engineering. apple. steve jobs.
we know important people.
meet diana for drinks after dinner.
talk about a lot of hilarious things.
head home for the night.
some of us in a hilarious stooper…

pod #16

wake up early. get this shot from the window.
location, people. and this one is stellar.

pick up ruby. drive over bridges. feel a little ill.
drive through a lot of flat, desert-like california. yuck.
drive through LA. still dislike it.
finally get to san diego.
eat breakfast burritos.
no photos this time. you’re welcome tyler.
start the reconnecting.

meet up with elise. see the WEEPIES!
sweet, sweet sleep.

pod #17

we do a whole lot of nothing.
sleep in late. feels pretty darn awesome.
drink coffee. eat a chocolate covered espresso bean.
emily gets 2. i only get 1.
eat burritos.

visit with friends.

pod #18

wake up. so ready for our last adventure.
get coffee. and chocolate covered espresso beans.
emily gets 2. i get 1.

start the drive to niland, ca to see…… SALVATION MOUNTAIN!!

drive through the desert. do not get lost. just take lots of adventurous roads. :o)

we see salvation mountain. we just don’t know how to get there. so we drive through people’s yards and driveways. oops.
at least we’re not a gang.
because they’re not allowed.
salvation. mountain.
before you look. understand that this is a place that will live in my heart forever.
it’s a place that will remind you that you can do anything, even if it seems crazy.
but this place would not be as magical without leonard. you’ll see him soon.
for now, take in the art & magic that is salvation mountain.

the most precious man to ever live. leonard knight.
the real wizard of oz.

the last epic band photo of #epicshlishyroadtrip

our surrogate gramps.
my all-time favorite.
in. love.

happy cows come from california? really?
because all 12 million cows live together?
does that = happiness?
live together, die alone.

pod #19
the last one.

the death of my burlap toms. yiiiiikes.
get home. em shoots a little music video.
last night dinner at sapporo.
last sister shot of the trip:

trade lots of music. pack. it’s not pretty. there’s a lot of stuff for me to take home.
battling the urge to cry at every moment.
at every memento from the trip that i start to pack away.

sleep. wake up so, so early. head to the airport.
the lines are long. making our goodbye all the more longer.

cry through a quick goodbye before heading through security.

as i tweeted when i got home:
in comparison, the return journey really sucked.

but i’m home.
and i had a good welcome.

i’ll be writing about my feelings from this journey. but i won’t be too specific.
this was a time full of moments.
a time i actually wouldn’t want to do over because it was perfect the first time around.
it was a time of learning more about my sister than i ever dreamed i would.
probably the same for her.
but maybe not.

it was a journey made up of moments. and i’ll keep those moments close.
because this meant more to me than i can ever put into words.
and those are the best kinds of journeys.

(art by elise)

(fun.- take your time[coming home])
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  1. you ladies are amazing…looking at all the photos just gives me goosebumps. i#39;m so happy that you both were able to share your epic trip with us. :)br /br / /elise.

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