show me, Father pt. 3

down south in the bush with new fulani friends

i will say that coming out with my supervisor who is a nurse/midwife has been one of the greatest joys and surprises since i’ve been here. i absolutely love being in villages, helping her see patients, visiting people and learning little bits of fulfulde, but the thing i’m most excited about is hearing the stories of how God is working through this team. there are people responding to the gospel and putting their faith in Christ, and it is seriously exciting to hear the stories and know the joy and peace these new believers are feeling. God is doing big things out in the bush, and i’m just grateful to get to see and hear little bits of it :o) and grateful to have spent my birthday with these beautiful people!

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  1. GRACE! Love reading your stories and seeing photos of the incredible experiences you are having. Praying for you today and sending you much love across the pond!

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