the future is brighter than any flashback

yesterday i was recalling how we spent new years eve last year.

it was a weird night. it made me afraid that the entire year would be weird. turns out, it was. but in the best way possible. it all happened so, so fast.


what did 2010 look like for this girl?

i spent (nearly) the entire year with my best friend in the whole world.

and we took lots of photos together. which i am so very, very thankful for. with my whole heart.

i took photos of beautiful ladies dressed as hollywood starlets.

i started  with my sister during the great blizzard.

i had 3 photos submitted in my very a first art show

i started designing with a graphic tablet

the Lord unearthed a passion in me and the words to share with girls.

i got a new job

experienced LOST from the beginning, to the very end with pemmy.

i struggled through lots of change. and i’m still learning how to do that.

i directed my first summer of camp. which was amazing.

started an art club and helped friends to be creative

i watched my roomie and dearest friend kelly move out of our house and into her dream.

i photographed 3 weddings.

finally unveiled my photography website.

spent the year singing with my church worship team and finding my voice.

i did a lot of self-reflection. LOT.

i took the of a lifetime with my sister. across our country. but across much more than that.

overwhelmed myself on a regular basis by how far i’ve come in the past 3 years.

had my life rocked amp; challenged at all the youth events we’ve been a part of in the last 5 months.

bought enough music over the year to open my own record store.

took our 3rd annual magical southern christmas tour, arguably the best yet.

loved a lot of people. learned how to love a lot of people. learned how not to love a lot of people.

when i think back on the year 2010, i’m going to remember it as the year i changed the most. i’m going to remember it as the year i spent with my sister. i’m going to remember it as the year i started opening my heart. i’m going to remember it as the year God shook me from my complacency and gave me new eyes. new desires in my heart. and most of all a fire in my bones. i’m going to remember 2010 as a year of tremendous growth.

i sometimes think it’s silly to base our changes in something so simple as december 31 ending. but i understand the need for a new hope. putting things behind you and looking forward. i learned this year that i have the option to do that every single day. it doesn’t just happen once a year.

i know that 2011 is going to be intense. and challenging. and possibly even more growing that 2010. i’m so ready for more unknown. i’m embracing it more than i ever imagined i would be able to. i hope that whatever this year was for you, you are ready for what is about to happen. because i know it’s going to be huge. and since it’s january, you have a blank slate. draw on it. color in the details. write some new pages in your story. work hard. stay focused. take risks. love people. go on adventures.


i’m working on all of those things. and i’m so, so excited.


(sleeping at last- january white)

One thought on “the future is brighter than any flashback”

  1. Grace. I feel like 2011 will be the year your training wheels come off and that#39;s kind of a big deal because the things you#39;ve accomplished with your training wheels ON are pretty significant. So just be /br /This time next year, you could be sending me postcards from your circus tent or your Scottish highlands home. I#39;d believe it.

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