we long for concrete things

the moment your whole life changed.

do you have one of those? maybe you can’t think of one moment. maybe it was a period in your life. now, i’m not talking about the moment you accepted the Lord, clearly that moment actually saved your life.

i’m talking about the moment when you started realizing your purpose. what you were made to do. when you stopped going through the motions of life and started living every day to pursue what you were put here to do.

i was talking to 2 of my most favorite people yesterday and i ended up reliving the summer that my whole life changed. because that summer snuck up on me. i didn’t know it was coming, and even while it was happening i didn’t know how life-altering it would be.

i’m talking about the summer of 2008. i’m talking about the summer i made a jacket. i made a jacket and my entire life changed.


this is ricky. i met ricky in the summer of 2008. along with a crew of people who became part of a bigger purpose in my life. at the time, i just thought i was having fun and doing camp with a team of fun people.

i was wrong. i had no idea that what was happening was going to inspire and shape the rest of my life.

here’s the short story. ricky was turning 21. i had known him for 2 weeks. but i wanted to make him something he really wanted. which was a jacket chris martin wore on the cover of rolling stone that month, and would continue to wear during the release and touring of the album ‘viva la vida.’

so i made that jacket. i made it how i would make it. original? no. clearly it was made as a replica. but of my own sorts. after i made that jacket, i made a lot of other things. i mean, i didn’t stop creating that summer. and it just kept going.

i emailed this to ricky about a year after i gave him that jacket. because a lot had happened in my life.

i was born a creative, dreamer kind of person. i’ve always created art of some kind as long as i can remember. the problem is when i stopped making costumes for theatre class and went to college and majored in history? i stopped surrounding myself with things to inspire me. instead, i only used my creative energy rarely and sporadically.

then i started working at skycroft and i was able to be a little creative but in weird ways.

and then it started getting really monotonous and old. and then i started to feel dead and useless inside.

and then, strangely and unexpectedly, my inspiration to create and design came back. in the form of a jacket.

you may think that sounds silly. but you need to know since i made that jacket, i haven’t stopped making things. and creating art.

obviously one jacket doesn’t have the power to change my career course. but it reminded me of how much i love art and creating. so, coupled with all the other things i started making, my trip to europe, doors God has been opening in weird ways, that jacket you have feels like a beginning for me.

that’s it. that jacket changed my whole life. because it’s not just a jacket. it’s the representation of a time where God woke me up from my death in the monotony of a useless life. and He showed me a small glimpse of what i was made for. He set the stage with some incredible people who inadvertently helped to direct the course of my life. and it hasn’t stopped moving forward since then. i’ve struggled, i’ve cried, i’ve had some pretty rotten and lonely times since then. but it’s been when i’ve veered off the path He had set me on. it was when i started letting other things take over again.

so, i ask you. have you ever thought of the moment that your whole life changed? have you experienced that moment yet? have you seen that moment pass you by?

i can promise you that looking back and being able to see the steps He took to get you to where you are could possibly shock you. because it’s weird to say that your life change is tied to a jacket.

but mine is.

what’s yours tied to?

(sleeping at last- next to me)

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One thought on “we long for concrete things”

  1. The moment my whole life changed? THere might be a few conspiring together.br /br /-The time we got home from the first time we filmed my brother#39;s wrestling match. My dad decided the only one qualified to edit the footage was me… and I had never edited anything before. I spent the next two years editing reels for him which allowed me to sign up to be a videographer for Fuge…br /br /-I was sitting at Lost Community Group (which was pretty life changing on it#39;s own) when I told Seth Worley about an idea for a movie I had. He laughed when I explained it to him and started chiming in with ideas. I couldn#39;t believe he actually thought it was a good idea! I went home and wrote 8 pages. I haven#39;t stopped writing since.br /br /br /You are AMAZING Grace. Amazing.

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