when all the parts equal more than the sum

epic shlishy roadtrip in photos

recap #6

(again, a lot of photos. you love it. i know.)

roll into pullman, washington in the evening. safely.
go to sara’s apartment. so cute.
so good to be with family on our trip.
go to dinner in moscow, idaho @ nectar.
super yums.
eat cougar gold mac ‘n cheese.

sleep in a super comfortable bed.
wake up late. go to breakfast at old european. so, so good.

hungarian goulash. abelschivers. german potato pancakes.

super yums.

for our lostie friends.

sister photo :o)

adventure into moscow again to drop off ruby for her doctors appt.

go to this super cute coffee shop. because of their ‘real pumpkin latte.’


this was. for real. the VERY best latte i’ve ever had.

working on my own recipe that i shall try when i get home.

half cute/half ‘i look terrible’ sister photo

go to visit the bears at washington state.

pick apples at the wsu orchard. :o)

nice rome apple.

even em partakes in choosing apples.
clearly she loves it.

no, seriously she loves apples.

super fun times with sara showing us around pullman.

find an apple lodged between branches. we’re perplexed.

try to let emily pick potatoes. they are not ready to be picked yet.
so she stands in the field. with her people.

this photo is awesome.

visited the bighorn sheep at wsu.
that guy had big horns.

visit ferdinand’s for cheese and pumpkin ice cream.

emily eats sweet basil cheese curds. she makes me try them.
entices me by saying they’re less squeaky than the last curds she ate.

i try them anyway. turns out they don’t squeak and were pretty good.

ice cream and cheese. last hurrah before getting ruby back.

pick up ruby. pay for her sick bill.
it hurts.
welcome to adulthood.

say goodbye to sara. start driving to seattle.
it’s dark. i’m driving again.
you know what happens.

pod #12

arrive in seattle pretty late. meet rachel. she’s awesome.
hang out. drink wine. chat about life.

wake up and head to pike place.

go to a french cafe. drink good coffee. eat delicious pastries.
super yums.

see the infamous fish market. watch the guys throw fish. it smells bad.

brought to you by wet snugglebunnies:

flowers. produce. wares. lots of people. very crowded. but so fun.

gum wall.
it smells horrible.
i mean, disgusting.
i watched these kids take gum off the wall.
and eat it.
their dads were not watching.
this is 1,394,948 pieces of pre-chewed gum.

it smells horrible.

sister photo after smelling the wall.

head to easy street records. #5 record store in the country.
it was great.

we did some serious damage. worth it.

head to ballard. sushi for lunch.
super yums.

go to sonic boom. #16 record store in the country.

go to cupcake royale.
legalize frostitution.

say goodbye to rachel.
couch surfing stay #2 = super success.

leave seattle.

this photo is for sarah:
pod #13

drive to portland,oregon. meet alyssa and angie. thanks to mcgown.
they are awesome.
decide to adventure into the portland night-time scene.

head to deschutes brewery.
eat elk meatballs and drink some very local/yummy beers.
talk a lot.
good stuff.

go to voodoo doughnuts.
we don’t really like doughnuts.
but these were weird. and good.
also the scene was fun.
and also made uber gross by my darling, dainty sister.

wake up. great coffee with alyssa and ang. say goodbye to new friends & great hostesses.
head into the city where the portland marathon has been happening beneath the apartment complex all morning.

cheer some people on at the finish line.
emily cries.
she loves watching old people running.
and finishing races.

finally navigate our way around the race.
find coffee and breakfast burritos. they were good.

don’t they look delicious tyler?

spend the rest of the day without the cameras. exploring portland.
shopping in way-fun vintage stores. enjoying the artsyness. falling in love with this city.

leave portland. sad day.

get a $2 bill at a gas station in oregon from an old creeperton.

hilarity ensues.

pod #14

drive a lot. through oregon. finally get into northern california.
start driving to happy camp to stay with lisa.

we think the road will never end.
we may throw up.
it’s so windy. and so dark.
and there’s so much mountain.
finally make it to happy camp at 1:30 AM.

pass out.

wake up. chat with lisa for a bit. leave for san fran.

stop and see bigfoot before we leave happy camp.

drive along the klamath river. pretty.

stop here for gas. don’t know how to say where here is.

mt. shasta.

drive south. through the mountains. almost to san fran…

(band of horses- nw apartment)

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  1. I can#39;t believe no one has commented on the brilliance of this post yet.br /br /yikes.br /br /it#39;s amazing though. really.br /br /maybe because I was there, I don#39;t know.

  2. Oh. My. GOODNESS.br /br /I just want to go to Seattle now. I want to see and smell that wall. I do NOT want to eat any gum off of it.br /br /And cheese and pumpkin ice cream? Why is that not everywhere/how do I get some? Dang.

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