you were meant for amazing things

last year i made a list of 27 things to do when i’m 27. i don’t get to cross all of them off today. some of them get crossed off, but with variations. nonetheless, i’m pretty excited about what this year was for me.

and i’m excited to add some of the 27 back on my 28 for 28 list.

27 was a good year. but i’ve got this feeling that 28 is going to be great.

27 things:
3. photograph a wedding
4. go to maine, vermont & new hampshire (finally finish east coast states)
didn’t finish the northeast states. i finished the northwest states instead.
6. launch website.
7. visit soundgarden in syracuse.
didn’t go to soundgarden in syracuse. went to 5 indie records across the country instead.

8. go to nashville. twice.

9. climb a mountain i’ve never climbed

11. write a new arrangement for a dcfc song (with help)

started this. didn’t finish it. and now i want to go in a different direction.

13. tell at least 1 person i love them every day
15. take photos of sean, natalie, brody, lucas, emma & ava
17. take mom on a trip
18. visit a friend i haven’t seen in a long time
21. take 2 more tree photos for shannon’s wall
22. take my sister out of the country


we didn’t leave US soil. but we made our trip better than i could have planned. out of the country or not.

23. drive across country & stop at salvation mountain

24. eat as little processed food as i can

25. make new clothes out of old

27. encourage someone to love without fear

i’m making this list a little more accessible. because i want badly to accomplish the whole list. i can’t be taking 7 trips out of the country. this list is going to be quirky but attainable.


so. without further ado.


28 for 28.

1. make homemade bagels. at least once.

2. sell a painting

3. sell a photo

4. go to maine, vermont & new hampshire OR utah & nevada, OR north dakota, minnesota & iowa OR alaska

5. take my sister out of the country

6. maintain a daily prayer journal

7. finally beat my giant

8. write a business plan & start it

9. start an editorial photo project

10. take a self portrait i’m proud of

11. simplify. everything.

12. start oil cleansing

13. create a painting for someone

14. write & illustrate a children’s book

15. plan an adventure for someone else

16. design a greeting card line

17. love someone through an ugly time

18. encourage someone using few words

19. design a band poster

20. make an idea book & record 1 idea per week

21. sell unnecessary ‘things’

22. take sean on an adventure

23. listen to 1 album/month, that i’ve never listened to before

24. take portraits & stories of nana & grandaddy

25. plan a scotland adventure with adam

26. write & design a comic book

27. complete 1 crazy project per month

28. love like leonard. love people simply. love like i can’t imagine life otherwise.

change. my favorite word. it’s making a permanent place in my life. and i’m working with it, but it’s happening with gnashing of my teeth.


but the thing i keep telling myself is that without change, i’m dead. and i’m here to be alive.


so i’ll keep fighting myself. i’ll keep turning it over. because this is what’s making me alive. 28? sounds about the same as 27. i know it’s not going to be. there’s too much on the horizon.


change. i’m starting to like it. little by little.





(sleeping at last- umbrellas)

One thought on “you were meant for amazing things”

  1. oh shlishly, how happy am i that i got to spend your 28th year of life with you, and be a part of accomplishing much of your list for /br /Here#39;s to hoping (and knowing) that i will be a part of the 28 list /br /i love you oh so stinking muchbr /br /you are an inspiration /br /from someone who loves change, to someone who is apprehensive about it- you truly are embracing it with beauty, charisma, grace (heh) and /br /how lucky and privileged am i to have you for a sister.

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