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just a weary pilgrim

epic shlishy roadtrip in photos

recap #5

(there are a LOT of photos in this one. enjoy.)

explore fort robinson, ne.

take another epic band photo

see wild horses. find photo of the day.

take another epic band photo

we now need a band.

leave fort robinson, ne. drive into south dakota through pine ridge reservation.

stop on scenic road. find crazy saloon and buy cute knit hats for $1.

visit the badlands. search for prairie dogs begins.

search for healthy prairie dogs begins.

look a buffalo in the face.

sister photo in the badlands.

emily wants a prairie dog for a pet. she will save it from the plague.

find a baby elk. or bighorn sheep. not really sure. stare it in the face.

emily embraces the bandlands. and the wind. we try not to blow into a canyon.

leave the badlands. find and attack a bear in wall.

visit wall drug. because we have to. because 3,429 billboards tell us so. eat pumpkin ice cream.

find a few guys to date/take photos with.

leave wall drug. stop to photograph/video this sunset.
in love with art. God. fresh air. beauty.

drive into keystone, sd. stop at a great old general store for pizza & conversation.

find these guys hanging out at night.

find a campground. give them $5. set up tent at night. again.
search for bathroom.
all are locked.
for real camping begins.
almost get attacked by wild animal. emily gets a little scared.
we figure out it’s just a deer.
not scared anymore.
just tired.

pod #9

wake up in keystone, sd to this:

realize the campground was probably closed. they are tearing down cabins with bulldozer as we wake up.

find these guys in the daylight. they look good in sunshine.

also find custer. and his mom.

we’re too short to become heads ourselves.

but that doesn’t stop us from trying.

go to crazy horse memorial. find photos of the day. learn a lot about american indians.

start driving out of south dakota. find this:

take a LOT of photos at boondocks.

get attacked by a raptor.

it really hurt.

and it’s still hurting.

no one’s home.

so we play games at the carnival.

and take naps in bathtubs.

and find cars i want to own.

drive to deadwood. so cool.

saloon no. 10. wild bill hickok dies. black aces and 8’s. deadman’s hand.

i want to play poker and get in bar fights. but not get shot in the back.

leave deadwood. enter back into wyoming in time for yet another beautiful sunset.

drive into montana.
montana becomes our state for multiple adventures of the car variety.

fear we’ll run out of gas on the crow reservation.
find a gas station.
thankfully. because it’s late. and there’s nothing here.

drive a lot. too tired. stop in big timber, montana for some sleep.
wake up rude lady at the front desk.
sleep next door to a wild bear.
or a snoring trucker.
become freakishly intrigued by sister wives. it’s weird.
finally drift to sleep.

pod #10

pod #10.5

wake up in big timber, montana. wow. for real big sky.

drive through a lot of beautiful places.

stop in bozeman, mt for coffee. cute. emily wants to live there. coffee is good.

stop in missoula, mt for lunch. turkey sandwich on pumpkin bagel. so. good.

get back in the car. realize the speedometer is not working. in fact, it’s going crazy.

stop to consult dad/mom/doug.
phone service = non existent.
get pulled over for speeding.
get out of ticket.
montana policeman is pretty nice.
keep driving.
realize our odometer and tripometer are no longer working.
decide to keep driving to pullman, wa to fix the car.

re-learn physics. to tell how fast we’re going.

we’re pretty smart.

cross into idaho. it’s foggy. and pretty.

cross into washington. rolling hills. the palouse. ready to get to sara’s apartment and fix the car.

pod #11

next: pullman, wa and beyond…

(this has been one of the greatest adventures of my life. i am blessed.)

(dolly parton- travelin’ thru)

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dashboard melted, but we still have the radio

epic shlishy roadtrip in photos
recap #4

leave oakley, ks. drive through colorado. stop in flagler.

emily wants to move here.
and everywhere we stop.

eat lunch in this cool diner. meet the nicest waitress in the world. or just colorado. but really. she was nice.

arrive in denver, co. meet jarrod and jess, our couch surfing hosts. we all go to dinner. then:

jimmy. eat. world.
ogden theatre.

checking out denver. love, love.

yarn bombing.

downtown denver. coors field. take me out to the ballgame.

just playing some chess in denver.

bubble tea! reunited finally!

yes. denver has 300 days of sunshine a year. who knew?
now you do.
you’re welcome.

pod 8

just outside denver. stop for a mexican cop movie. seriously.

also. colorado. gorgeous. rocky mountains = love.

first sighting of prairie dogs.

cheyenne, wy. stop to charge and post. ha.

sunset in cheyenne.

drive through wyoming and into nebraska in the dark.

turn off the headlights again.

emily should stop letting me drive at night.

arrive in nebraska. we think we’ve leapt back in time. seriously.

morning. campsite. first time we’ve seen it. fort robinson, ne.

up next: fort robinson, ne to rapid city, sd!!

we’re still excited. are you?

see you so, so soon.

(modest mouse- dashboard)

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home is wherever i’m with you

epic shlishy roadtrip in pictures
recap #3

leave new orleans. pass roller coasters & water park. emily wants jump out and ride. it’s closed. keep driving.

arrive in alexandria to see this guy:

tour calvary baptist. luke’s apartment. eat dinner. have an epic photo shoot.

say goodbye to luke johnson. leave alexandria. head northwest to shreveport. late night driving.

pod 5
arrive in awesomely sketch motel outside of dallas. sleep for a few hours.

take another epic band photo.

leave texas. enter oklahoma. find this:

what kel’s bedroom would look like if she had all the money she could dream of:

take time to dress up in the kid’s section of museum.

leave paul’s valley, oklahoma. lunch with kris in norman. go past oklahoma university. huge football stadium. town is dead. football game in texas. go sooners.

get to oklahoma city. find the memorial.

survivor tree.

pod 6

leave oklahoma. drive through to kansas.

stop in wichita for ice and salami. it’s dark. very dark. i drive without the lights on through the flat, black plains of northwest kansas. emily cusses at me.

we arrive in oakley kansas where we are to camp. can’t find the campground. it’s so dark. end up at annie oakley’s motel.

wake up. visit buffalo bill. leave oakley.

pod 7

pass the biggest prairie dog at prairie dog town. definitely do not stop. next adventure: colorado. wyoming. nebraska.

so, so good.
see you soon.

(edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros- home)

don’t know why, but i can’t stay

epic shlishy roadtrip in pictures
recap # 2
last day in nashville

we find third man. but it’s closed. sad day. but we took a kick a band photo.

find downtown church for em.

say goodbye to our friendlies. i 20% watch a harry potter movie. i can tell you what color dress the girl wore.

pod 3

third man studios, nashville

leave nashville. drive through alabama and mississippi with this girl:

spend the day looking through the african village and getting police escorted to eat bbq.

pod 4

african village of america

arrive in new orleans

cajun dinner with tyler and his rooms. walking around jackson square and down bourbon st. beignets and coffee at cafe du monde

lunch and TENT SHOPPING :o) say goodbye to tyler. leave new orleans.

next installment… alexandria, la to kansas.
quite an adventure.

we’re having fun. hope you are too.

(arcade fire- keep the car running)

please don’t take my highway shoes

oh, hey nashville. nice to see you again.

yesterday we started epic shlishy roadtrip.

first stop: buckhannon, wv to see this girl:

and to take our first
‘photo of the day’

sunset from the road. in kentucky:

and today. first day in nashville. em’s VERY first day in nashville. they’re already fast friends.

and POD:

stay tuned. for some pretty great moments. and hopefully pretty great photos and music. :o)

(bob dylan- down the highway)

this is my mind

some things i know about this life of mine:

– i will have a home, not a house

– i will probably never settle with one ‘career’ for my whole life

– i will always love encouraging people

– i will always have a current soundtrack to my life

– i will always read 4-7 books at the same time

– i will often love people in the ways i want to be loved

– i will always like making people feel special & worthy

– i will often find it hard to love people unconditionally

– i will always push you but will often fight it if you try to push me

– i will always have a hard time letting people see my heart

– i will always have a list of 20 songs that pierce my heart every time i hear them

– i will always love paris

– i will sing forever. but i won’t always need to be onstage

– i will always share my opinion and will often forget to ask first

– i will always accept you where you are. but will always encourage you to be a better you

– art and music will forever inspire my heart

– i will always have more than 4 projects i’m working on simultaneously

– i will always doubt myself at first

– i will always be proud of you for being brave and bold

– i will often need to be reminded to be brave and bold myself

– i will often have a hard time admitting when i’m wrong

– i will always use lyrics to explain how i’m feeling


– i will always use lyrics to relate to how you’re feeling

– i will always make up stories and daydream in color

– i will often forget that encouraging people is not about me

– i will always be messier than i want to be

– i will always have a lot of things to do

– i will always want to do more

– i will always feel like i have too much

– i will always dress any way i feel like, and will probably never match

– i will often be afraid of truth but always seeking it

– i will always live in a sweet, sweet chaos

– i will have a home, not a house


(kate nash- mouthwash)