home is wherever i’m with you

epic shlishy roadtrip in pictures
recap #3

leave new orleans. pass roller coasters & water park. emily wants jump out and ride. it’s closed. keep driving.

arrive in alexandria to see this guy:

tour calvary baptist. luke’s apartment. eat dinner. have an epic photo shoot.

say goodbye to luke johnson. leave alexandria. head northwest to shreveport. late night driving.

pod 5
arrive in awesomely sketch motel outside of dallas. sleep for a few hours.

take another epic band photo.

leave texas. enter oklahoma. find this:

what kel’s bedroom would look like if she had all the money she could dream of:

take time to dress up in the kid’s section of museum.

leave paul’s valley, oklahoma. lunch with kris in norman. go past oklahoma university. huge football stadium. town is dead. football game in texas. go sooners.

get to oklahoma city. find the memorial.

survivor tree.

pod 6

leave oklahoma. drive through to kansas.

stop in wichita for ice and salami. it’s dark. very dark. i drive without the lights on through the flat, black plains of northwest kansas. emily cusses at me.

we arrive in oakley kansas where we are to camp. can’t find the campground. it’s so dark. end up at annie oakley’s motel.

wake up. visit buffalo bill. leave oakley.

pod 7

pass the biggest prairie dog at prairie dog town. definitely do not stop. next adventure: colorado. wyoming. nebraska.

so, so good.
see you soon.

(edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros- home)

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