just a weary pilgrim

epic shlishy roadtrip in photos

recap #5

(there are a LOT of photos in this one. enjoy.)

explore fort robinson, ne.

take another epic band photo

see wild horses. find photo of the day.

take another epic band photo

we now need a band.

leave fort robinson, ne. drive into south dakota through pine ridge reservation.

stop on scenic road. find crazy saloon and buy cute knit hats for $1.

visit the badlands. search for prairie dogs begins.

search for healthy prairie dogs begins.

look a buffalo in the face.

sister photo in the badlands.

emily wants a prairie dog for a pet. she will save it from the plague.

find a baby elk. or bighorn sheep. not really sure. stare it in the face.

emily embraces the bandlands. and the wind. we try not to blow into a canyon.

leave the badlands. find and attack a bear in wall.

visit wall drug. because we have to. because 3,429 billboards tell us so. eat pumpkin ice cream.

find a few guys to date/take photos with.

leave wall drug. stop to photograph/video this sunset.
in love with art. God. fresh air. beauty.

drive into keystone, sd. stop at a great old general store for pizza & conversation.

find these guys hanging out at night.

find a campground. give them $5. set up tent at night. again.
search for bathroom.
all are locked.
for real camping begins.
almost get attacked by wild animal. emily gets a little scared.
we figure out it’s just a deer.
not scared anymore.
just tired.

pod #9

wake up in keystone, sd to this:

realize the campground was probably closed. they are tearing down cabins with bulldozer as we wake up.

find these guys in the daylight. they look good in sunshine.

also find custer. and his mom.

we’re too short to become heads ourselves.

but that doesn’t stop us from trying.

go to crazy horse memorial. find photos of the day. learn a lot about american indians.

start driving out of south dakota. find this:

take a LOT of photos at boondocks.

get attacked by a raptor.

it really hurt.

and it’s still hurting.

no one’s home.

so we play games at the carnival.

and take naps in bathtubs.

and find cars i want to own.

drive to deadwood. so cool.

saloon no. 10. wild bill hickok dies. black aces and 8’s. deadman’s hand.

i want to play poker and get in bar fights. but not get shot in the back.

leave deadwood. enter back into wyoming in time for yet another beautiful sunset.

drive into montana.
montana becomes our state for multiple adventures of the car variety.

fear we’ll run out of gas on the crow reservation.
find a gas station.
thankfully. because it’s late. and there’s nothing here.

drive a lot. too tired. stop in big timber, montana for some sleep.
wake up rude lady at the front desk.
sleep next door to a wild bear.
or a snoring trucker.
become freakishly intrigued by sister wives. it’s weird.
finally drift to sleep.

pod #10

pod #10.5

wake up in big timber, montana. wow. for real big sky.

drive through a lot of beautiful places.

stop in bozeman, mt for coffee. cute. emily wants to live there. coffee is good.

stop in missoula, mt for lunch. turkey sandwich on pumpkin bagel. so. good.

get back in the car. realize the speedometer is not working. in fact, it’s going crazy.

stop to consult dad/mom/doug.
phone service = non existent.
get pulled over for speeding.
get out of ticket.
montana policeman is pretty nice.
keep driving.
realize our odometer and tripometer are no longer working.
decide to keep driving to pullman, wa to fix the car.

re-learn physics. to tell how fast we’re going.

we’re pretty smart.

cross into idaho. it’s foggy. and pretty.

cross into washington. rolling hills. the palouse. ready to get to sara’s apartment and fix the car.

pod #11

next: pullman, wa and beyond…

(this has been one of the greatest adventures of my life. i am blessed.)

(dolly parton- travelin’ thru)

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  1. Dear Grace. For someone who wants to be in the Pony Express and loves Wild Bill Hicock (as played by Josh Brolin), this leg of your adventure is beyond phenomenal!!!

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