this is my mind

some things i know about this life of mine:

– i will have a home, not a house

– i will probably never settle with one ‘career’ for my whole life

– i will always love encouraging people

– i will always have a current soundtrack to my life

– i will always read 4-7 books at the same time

– i will often love people in the ways i want to be loved

– i will always like making people feel special & worthy

– i will often find it hard to love people unconditionally

– i will always push you but will often fight it if you try to push me

– i will always have a hard time letting people see my heart

– i will always have a list of 20 songs that pierce my heart every time i hear them

– i will always love paris

– i will sing forever. but i won’t always need to be onstage

– i will always share my opinion and will often forget to ask first

– i will always accept you where you are. but will always encourage you to be a better you

– art and music will forever inspire my heart

– i will always have more than 4 projects i’m working on simultaneously

– i will always doubt myself at first

– i will always be proud of you for being brave and bold

– i will often need to be reminded to be brave and bold myself

– i will often have a hard time admitting when i’m wrong

– i will always use lyrics to explain how i’m feeling


– i will always use lyrics to relate to how you’re feeling

– i will always make up stories and daydream in color

– i will often forget that encouraging people is not about me

– i will always be messier than i want to be

– i will always have a lot of things to do

– i will always want to do more

– i will always feel like i have too much

– i will always dress any way i feel like, and will probably never match

– i will often be afraid of truth but always seeking it

– i will always live in a sweet, sweet chaos

– i will have a home, not a house


(kate nash- mouthwash)

3 thoughts on “this is my mind”

  1. Grace. I cannot ever tell you enough how lucky I feel to know you. You are a brilliant woman and you are teaching the world to live life differently. Every day you, no joke, challenge me to be bolder and to love people better. That#39;s a true /br /I think about that time you made Ricky a Viva La Vida jacket and how you decorated Trevor#39;s bible and how you created a photo adventure for Josh Ritchie. That#39;s not just a talent. That#39;s love to a new level. And you challenge me to love the same way. Thank you for doing that. And demanding the best in others without even realizing /br /I think you#39;re amazing.

  2. Even from Maryland, you help make me a better /br /All I can say is that I wish I had gotten to spend at least one week at Skycroft with you.

  3. Grace I just love YOU. Your words, your spirit, your smile, your outfits. It#39;s all wonderfully, utterly, perfectly you. I love it. Thanks for inspiring me at 12:43 am. br /-Lauren

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